Solo travellers

Travelling alone is for many a liberating experience; but as you’ll need to be self-sufficient, it pays to consider your health and safety before you depart the UK. At NX Healthcare we have plenty of health appointments for travellers. You can discuss your trip with one of our travel health advisers and get a risk assessment for your destination and recommendations for vaccines and precautions to protect your health.

Make a strategy

A solo trip’s success or failure is determined by the planning. Research is essential. Choose your travel destinations wisely and based on facts rather than emotions. Check with the Foreign Office for the most recent information on safety in your preferred destinations. Make sure you understand the potential health risks, as well as the laws and cultural etiquette you’ll need to follow. Discuss the first draught of your itinerary with someone who has travelled in the area, and listen to their suggestions for changes.

Part of your travel strategy should also involve planning ahead to protect your health. Making a health appointment for travellers at one of NX Healthcare’s modern clinics is a good first step to staying safe on holiday.

Understand your limits

Be completely honest with yourself about whether you’re up to travelling alone. You must be prepared for anything and capable of handling any problems that arise on your own. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so pay attention to how you feel. Use social media to stay in touch with family and friends, and tell someone if you’re feeling anxious or lonely.

Make maps your friends

Even the most unflappable person can be stressed by not knowing where they are. Spend some time studying maps and guides before arriving at your destination, and you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

Ask for directions at your accommodation or from a local guide before you set out. Write down the name of your hotel or guesthouse in the local alphabet in case you get lost. That way, you can get help to find your way back, or just jump in a taxi!

Take charge of your finances.

Before you leave the UK, investigate the most cost-effective and secure methods of currency exchange. You may also need to check with your bank that you can use your cards abroad. Use debit cards wisely and withdraw only what you need from ATMs. Make sure your credit card does not charge foreign transaction fees. It’s never a good idea to keep all of your money in one place, and you shouldn’t assume it’s safe in your lodging. Purchase a money belt and, for your own safety, avoid flashing your cash in public.

You may also want to have a plan for accessing cash in an emergency, perhaps by leaving instructions with a trusted friend in the UK.

Sexual well-being while travelling

There are aspects of solo travel that can lead to risky sexual behaviour, so be prepared by packing a supply of condoms just in case. The NX Healthcare specialist nurses can give you advice on everything from sexual health to sun safety at your health appointment for travellers.

Join a travelling community

Ask around and search online for tips from experienced travellers. Some of the best tried-and-true advice includes researching any known tourist scams in the area, staying sober unless in trusted company, and taking special care of your travel documents.

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