You can order this bundle of 10 Covid 19 Antigen test kits either for personal or business use. Click ‘Buy Now’, enter your delivery information and complete your Purchase.

  1. Test delivery – We’ll send your tests next business day after you have placed an order. Please allow 1-3 business days for the delivery of this product.
  2. Test anytime, anywhere – Once you have received the tests, you can either use these for personal reasons to test you and your loved ones or you can use it for business purposes ( e.g work place testing etc) to test your employees in case of any Covid related symptoms. To perform the test, the user simply needs to follow the manufacturers instructions to swab and process the sample accurately. Clear and reliable results are usually available in 15 minutes so you can be sure you’re safe to socialize, see loved ones or go to your work place ensuring that your presence at work is not putting your co-workers at a risk.

  3. Free Antigen Testing – Free LFD testing has ended for most of the public groups effective April 01, 2022 by the government.