Rt PCR test for Travel

As international travel recommences, many countries and airlines require travelers to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 PCR swab test hours prior to the date of travel.

Getting all passengers tested before their flight helps controlling COVID-19 transmission during flight. With NX Healthcare’s COVID-19 (Corona) PCR home test results, available within 24 hours of sample receipt, the quick, accurate and reliable service will assist you get the start of your trip totally free of hassle, with no trouble to your travel plans.


Travel Certificate:

The RT-PCR swab test can detect existing Covid-19 virus and certification of a negative test is required to board all airlines and gain admission to various countries during the coronavirus pandemic. Depending on the requirements for the country you are travelling to, testing could be mandatory within a specified time frame like 48, 72 or 96 hours before departure. We highly recommend that you book your covid test kit as early as possible within the Covid-19 testing time slot of your destination country.

Your sample will be taken to the laboratory, n examined by qualified health professionals. Results and travel certificates will be sent to you via protected email. You will get your result in 24 hrs (this does not include the weekend).

If you have Covid-19 symptoms, you need to get yourself isolated, which you can’t get out of, even if you have/are tested “negative” for a certain number of days.

Please note that travel rules are subject to vary. You should keep up to date with the Government’s instruction about travel and find out about your destination’s requirements, including any countries you are transiting, if you have a flight transfer.

Coronavirus test certificate