The Purchaser/user of the kit confirms as follows:


I understand that once the kits are dispatched by NX Healthcare after I have placed an order, the sale is non refundable.

I authorize NX Healthcare to order the Covid Test for me. NX Healthcare did not seek to coerce or pressure me to provide my consent.

I acknowledge that in the event that my Covid Test has a positive result then, as is required by law pursuant to the Public Health (Control of Disease ) Act 1984 and the Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010, my test result and personal details, which may include my name, date of birth, gender, home address, telephone number, NHS number, occupation, place of work, ethnicity and the fact that I have tested positive for COVID19 must be communicated to Public Health England, either directly by the laboratory or via my GP.

I understand that the Laboratory will be unable to erase my test results, which are required as evidence of clinical practice. I understand that NX Healthcare will be responsible for receiving my results and communicating them to me.

I understand that the Covid Test can be used for screening purposes only as a convenient and confidential way of me getting tested quickly for a COVID-19 infection. The results are not intended to replace medical advice, nor should they be used as a full diagnosis, or to prescribe medication without consulting an appropriate medical professional.


I understand that I am responsible to check with my airline or my intended destination (s) border control (if administering a test for Travel Purposes) regarding requirements including timing around which the test must be carried out. NX healthcare will not be responsible for any financial or non-financial loss suffered in case the test carried out is not in line with the instructions of the airline or intended destination (s) border control.

I understand that NX Healthcare will not be responsible for any loss suffered due to a delay by Royal Mail or the courier company. I further confirm that I understand that NX healthcare will deliver the test results within 24 hours after receiving the picture of my passport and test kit.

I understand that it is my responsibility to check the departure time of my flight and order and perform the test accordingly. I understand that I am responsible to supply NX healthcare with date and time of the sample so that they can process the tests and generate results.