Pre-travel consultations in Birmingham

Looking for travel vaccination appointments and health advice in Birmingham? NX Healthcare’s Birmingham travel clinics have plenty of appointments for travel health consultations. It’s quick and easy to make an appointment using our online booking system. We have plenty of appointments, and we can offer slots early and late for your convenience.

Make a pre-travel health appointment right now

No need to wait to book your pre-travel health consultation. Just select the travel clinic nearest your home or workplace and our booking system will offer you a choice of appointments.

Please make one appointment for each person in your travel party.

Get your travel health check-up six to eight weeks before departure

Most people make an appointment with a travel health professional six to eight weeks before they go. This gives enough time to spread doses of vaccines that must be given in several shots. Some vaccine courses are best completed a week or so before travel, as well. For example, the yellow fever shot needs to be given at least ten days before arrival at a destination where yellow fever is endemic.

But we can still help with travel vaccines if you are travelling last minute. Make an appointment and we’ll help you work out an accelerated schedule, supported with advice on reducing your exposure to travel health risks.

Services at our Birmingham travel health centre

The healthcare professionals at NX Healthcare travel clinics have many years of experience at helping travellers look after their health. We offer services such as:

  • travel health advice for holidaymakers
  • Hajj and Umrah vaccines and certificates
  • honeymoon travel health
  • travel vaccines for business travellers
  • expedition and adventure travel health
  • gap-year travel health
  • last-minute travel vaccinations
  • help for travellers with long-term health conditions

Find out what health risks you might face on your trip abroad

Travelling increases your risk of getting sick because of jet lag, tiredness and because you may be exposed to new pathogens. There are simple steps that any traveller can take to reduce their risk of ill-health, and our travel health nurses can give you the most up-to-date research-based advice.

We can tell you about avoiding mosquito and insect bites, sun safety, and how to reduce your chances of getting food poisoning, among other things.

What travel vaccines can I get at your Birmingham travel clinic?

We stock most of the common vaccines needed by travellers, including:

  • chicken pox and shingles
  • cholera
  • diphtheria
  • hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • meningitis
  • MMR
  • polio
  • rabies
  • tetanus
  • tick-borne encephalitis
  • typhoid
  • yellow fever

Health certificates for Hajj and Umrah

Pilgrims travelling for Hajj and Umrah will need to follow the regulations issued by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health. People travelling to Saudi from the UK for Hajj or Umrah will need a certificate of vaccination against meningococcal meningitis to get a visa for travel.

Anyone going to Mecca for business purposes may also need these health certificates.

You can get the latest advice on Hajj and Umrah entry requirements from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health.

Can I get malaria tablets in Birmingham?

The travel health experts at our Birmingham clinic are qualified to advise on ways to reduce your chances of getting sick from malaria, and they can recommend the right malaria tablets for you.

Malaria is a dangerous tropical disease that is contracted through the bite of an infected mosquito. It can make you ill for a long time and recovery from malaria can take many weeks so you may have to miss work.

You can avoid exposure to malaria by taking steps to protect yourself from mosquito and insect bites, and by taking a course of malaria prophylaxis pills starting before you arrive at your destination and finishing after you leave. Some people react badly to certain types of malaria pills, and it is important to get expert advice about your antimalaria regime.

Can I get free travel health advice and shots from my GP?

You may not be able to get travel vaccines for free on the NHS from your GP. But your GP may be able to give you written information about what vaccines and certificates are needed for your trip. You can bring this advice to your appointment.

Where can I get travel vaccines before I fly out of Birmingham Airport?

You can’t count on there being a travel health centre at the airport, and it’s best not to leave your travel shots until the last minute. Our centrally-located Birmingham travel health clinics are ideal if you need travel health advice or vaccinations in the run-up to your trip abroad. It’s better to make an appointment with a travel health expert six to eight weeks before your trip. We have plenty of travel health advice consultations available, so make an appointment right now.

Last-minute travel health advice in Birmingham

We understand that it is not always possible to plan a trip in advance. You may be travelling in an emergency, or you might have snagged a bargain holiday that was too good to pass up. Even if you are travelling very soon, come and see us, as some shots can be given on an accelerated schedule, and we can give advice on reducing your exposure to some travel health risks. If you have access to your vaccine record, we can see what protection you already have, and it may be possible to enhance that with a booster shot of some travel vaccines.

What to expect at your travel health appointment

Our Birmingham travel health centres are staffed by healthcare professionals who dedicate themselves to travel health. We have a chain of clinics in convenient locations in and around the city of Birmingham.

When you come for your travel health consultation, know that you will receive a confidential, reliable service, whether you need advice about health risks at your destination or vaccinations to boost your immune defences.

We recommend getting a travel health consultation six to eight weeks before you travel. This is because some vaccines need to be given in multiple doses over a few weeks. And in some cases you may need to prove your vaccination status to get a visa.

What questions will the travel health adviser ask me?

When you have your travel health consultation, you will be asked about:

  • travel dates
  • destination
  • planned activities
  • accommodation
  • lifestyle
  • other conditions

Your travel health consultation will be kept confidential, so it’s best to be completely honest to ensure you get the best, most up-to-date information and recommendations to protect your health on holiday.

Why make your pre-travel health check appointment with NX Healthcare travel clinics?

There are lots of good reasons to come to us if you need travel health advice and vaccines in Birmingham:

  • our healthcare professionals are travel health specialists with up-to-date knowledge
  • we offer confidential travel health consultations in the centre of Birmingham
  • we have plenty of travel health appointments early and late in the day
  • we have the expertise to help with emergency or last-minute trips
  • we can offer longer appointments at our Birmingham clinic if you have complex travel or health needs
  • we are proud to offer travel health services at competitive rates
  • we have a rapid online booking system

Book your travel health appointments online

It’s quick and easy to make an appointment for travel health and vaccines. Pick the clinic that is close to your home or work to get started.

Where can I learn more about travel health?

A face-to-face consultation with a travel health expert is the gold standard, so we encourage you to make an appointment at one of our Birmingham clinics – but we can offer a library of travel health articles that you can browse.

Here are some other reliable travel health resources: