Travel health clinic in the centre of Edinburgh

Travellers who care about their health will see a travel health nurse or pharmacist six to eight weeks before leaving Scotland. We have plenty of travel health advisory appointments at NX Healthcare’s Edinburgh clinics. Use our online booking system to see what appointments are available in the next few days.

Pre-travel health consultations in the centre of Edinburgh

Make travel health appointments for each person in your party. You can even book back-to-back travel health consults for multi-destination trips or complex health conditions.

Emergency travel health appointments near Edinburgh

We can still help with travel health advice and accelerated vaccine schedules if you’re travelling in an emergency. Please make an appointment as soon as possible and we’ll see how we can help.

Pre-travel health in Edinburgh

NX Healthcare can help with all the usual pre-travel health services.

  • package holiday and cruise travel health
  • family and children’s holiday health
  • travel vaccines during pregnancy
  • travel shots for the elderly
  • honeymoon health
  • vaccines for Hajj and Umrah
  • shots for business travel
  • expedition health and adventure travel advice
  • work abroad vaccines
  • emergency travel vaccinations
  • advice for travellers with health conditions
  • antimalarial regimes
  • travel shots for agriculture and forestry workers

What health risks might I face while travelling?

Travelling puts the body under strain, which can make it more likely that you’ll get sick. You may experience extremes of heat, cold and humidity, not to mention altitude.

You’ll be exposed to pathogens (bacteria, parasites and microorganisms that cause disease) that your immune system is not familiar with, making it more likely that you’ll get sick. And you may not know to take extra steps to protect your health that local people take without thinking.

Some traveller’s diseases are dangerous. They may be fatal, or have life-changing effects; or they can make you sick for a long time so that you’ll have to miss work or school on your return to Scotland.

What can I do about travel health risks?

One of the best things you can do to protect your health while travelling is to talk to a travel health professional before you leave. They can tell you what risks you’ll meet, and give advice on reducing your exposure to diseases. For example, avoiding mosquito bites to reduce the chances of catching malaria, Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever; or seeking out safe drinking water to avoid typhoid, hepatitis A, cholera and polio.

A travel health professional will also recommend travel vaccines that will boost your immune system so that it can fight off diseases so you don’t get sick.

What travel vaccines can I get in Edinburgh?

These are some of the travel vaccines that are commonly available:

  • chicken pox and shingles
  • cholera
  • diphtheria
  • hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • meningitis
  • MMR
  • polio
  • rabies
  • tetanus
  • tick-borne encephalitis
  • typhoid
  • yellow fever

Some of these vaccines are given in multiple doses. In some cases you can start your vaccine course at your first appointment.

We can help with advice and meds to prevent malaria.

Ways to save money on your travel health

It can help to compare the cost of travel vaccines with the cost of getting sick on holiday. Even with travel health insurance, getting sick abroad can be costly and it may mean you need to cut your holiday short – or it may leave you stranded abroad, too unwell to travel.

NX Healthcare monitors the prices charged by Edinburgh travel health clinics and pharmacies. We do this to make sure our vaccine prices are competitive. When you come to NX Healthcare, you can be sure you’re getting value for money for your travel health services.

Bear in mind that travel vaccines give years of protection, so you won’t have to get these shots for every trip abroad. We can administer booster shots, which represent a good-value way to prolong the protection offered by our travel vaccines.

Can I research travel health myself?

There are good online resources about travel health. We recommend:

Having said that, it can be hard to interpret the advice, especially as risk profiles change with the seasons. The advice on these pages is general, and not tailored to the individual. Misinterpreting the information can cause anxiety, or it may lead you to take risks with your health and that of your family. So we’d always recommend talking to a travel health expert.

At NX Healthcare’s travel clinics in Edinburgh, we have the latest professional travel health information at our fingertips, as well as the skills and experience to interpret it in relation to your individual case.

Are there NHS travel vaccines in Edinburgh?

There are GPs that provide a travel health service. But it is not common to get vaccinated for travel on the NHS. Even if your GP can administer the shots, they may have to do it privately so you’ll have to pay. GPs can, however, give a list of recommended vaccines and we’d be pleased if you brought this to your appointment.

Is it cheaper to get vaccinated for travel abroad?

Vaccines may appear to be cheaper abroad; but bear in mind that if you wait until you arrive at your destination to start the course of travel vaccine, it won’t give complete protection during your trip. Also, not every country has the same strict medicines and healthcare products controls that the UK has. Getting your travel shots done in Edinburgh means you’re being vaccinated with a genuine, effective vaccine.

What to bring to your travel health appointment?

Our centrally-located clinics are convenient for public transport in Edinburgh. Please bring:

  • vaccine records
  • travel health certificates
  • list of destinations, including any layovers
  • details about your accommodation
  • information about planned activities
  • any travel health information from your GP
  • information from occupational health

Your appointment is confidential, and we want you to be honest in answering lifestyle questions so we can give you the best advice.

Will you do my travel vaccines on the same day as my first travel health appointment?

It may be possible to give the first doses of your travel vaccines at your first appointment. We’d recommend wearing clothing that allows access to your upper arm so any shots can be given easily.

Buying antimalarial drugs in Edinburgh

If your travel health adviser recommends antimalarial pills, we can supply them. Some antimalarials are available over the counter; others must be obtained on prescription. You will need to support your malaria pills with rigorous mosquito avoidance, as your travel health adviser will tell you.

Book your travel health appointments in Edinburgh

Make a travel health appointment quickly and easily with NX Healthcare’s Edinburgh travel health clinic. Pick the clinic that is close to your home or work to get started.