Liverpool pre-travel health appointments

We recommend getting a fit-for-travel consultation six to eight weeks before you leave the UK. It’s quick and easy to make an appointment at a Liverpool travel clinic. Our expert travel health nurses and pharmacists have plenty of appointments. Try our online booking system to see how simple it is to get a travel health appointment.

Don’t wait to book a pre-travel health consultation

Just select the Liverpool travel clinic nearest your home or workplace and our booking system will offer you a choice of appointments.

We’d like you to make one appointment for each person in your travel party. If you have complex health needs or your trip is long or multi-destination, we can give you two appointments back-to-back.

Last-minute travel health appointments in Liverpool

Come to us if you need a health consult for emergency travel. Our Liverpool travel health advisers will help you work out how best to protect your health while travelling.

All the usual travel health services in a convenient location in Liverpool

Come to NX Healthcare for travel health services like:

  • holiday travel health
  • Saudi MoH-approved health certificates for Hajj and Umrah
  • honeymoon health
  • shots for business travel
  • expedition and adventure travel vaccines
  • work abroad vaccines
  • emergency travel vaccinations
  • advice for travellers with health conditions
  • antimalarial regimes
  • sports team or club travel
  • group holidays

What health risks might I face while travelling?

When you travel, especially if you visit a place with conditions that are quite different to the UK, you put your body under strain and this can have an impact on your health. You may also be exposed to unfamiliar pathogens (microorganisms, parasites, viruses and bacteria). If your body has never fought off a particular pathogen, you’ll have reduced defences against it and it can make you more unwell than usual. Vaccines support your body’s defences against pathogens that you have not encountered before.

Travellers may also be exposed to diseases that occur very rarely in the UK, such as malaria, typhoid, diphtheria and rabies. Local people will have habits that reduce their chances of exposure to the organisms that cause or carry these diseases. But travellers from the UK may need to learn how to do things a bit differently – for example, avoid interacting with mammals in areas where rabies is endemic; and take steps to drink only safe water at destinations where polio occurs. At a travel health clinic, we can tell you about the risks you may come across on holiday and advise on reducing their impact.

What advice can I get at a travel health appointment?

At your travel health appointment in our Liverpool clinics, we give evidence-based advice about:

  • avoiding insect bites
  • sun and hot weather safety
  • safe drinking water
  • food safety
  • accident avoidance
  • health at altitude

What travel vaccines can I get in Liverpool?

At our Liverpool travel clinic we can recommend and administer vaccines that will support your body in defending itself against illnesses such as:

  • chicken pox and shingles
  • cholera
  • diphtheria
  • hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • meningitis
  • MMR
  • polio
  • rabies
  • tetanus
  • tick-borne encephalitis
  • typhoid
  • yellow fever

We have most of the common travel vaccines in stock in Liverpool, and in some cases can start your vaccine courses straight away.

We may also recommend malaria prophylaxis for your trip abroad.

How can I save money on my travel health?

At NX Healthcare’s Liverpool travel clinics we appreciate that travel shots may seem costly. But compare the cost of getting healthcare abroad, and of the inconvenience and disappointment of getting sick on holiday or on a business trip.

We constantly monitor the prices other pharmacies and travel clinics charge to keep our vaccine prices competitive, and we hope you will see the benefit of this.

Many travel vaccines give years of protection, so you won’t need to get another shot every time you travel. Other vaccines can be boosted to prolong the protection offered. Bring your vaccine records to your appointment, and we will make sure you get the best advice for your trip.

Can I do travel health research myself?

There are resources available that you can use to learn more about the risks at your destination, but it can be difficult to make sense of them as risks may change with the seasons, and you may cause yourself un-necessary anxiety. Our travel health advisers have access to professional resources, and have the skills and experience to interpret them efficiently into easy action steps and recommendations for specific vaccines.

Can I get free travel shots on the NHS?

Some GPs offer a travel health service, but not many can provide travel shots on the NHS. These GPs will often give travel health advice and list of recommended vaccines. You can bring this to your travel appointment at NX Healthcare.

Can I get travel vaccines abroad for cheaper?

In theory it may be possible to get vaccinated abroad for less, but bear in mind that often vaccines don’t give full protection until a week or so after the end of the course. So you’ll be at your destination, exposed to unfamiliar pathogens without full vaccine protection.

In the UK, travel vaccines, like all healthcare products, are strictly controlled. You can be assured that when you get your travel shots at one of our Liverpool travel clinics you are receiving a genuine, safe, effective product. You may not have that same assurance abroad.

Preparing for your travel health appointment

It’s so easy to access our centrally-located Liverpool travel health centre and our clinics are close to public transport stops. Our travel health advisers dedicate themselves to travel health.

We will provide confidential, reliable service, whether you need advice about health risks at your destination or travel vaccinations or antimalarials.

Please bring any vaccine records or travel health certificates that you may already have. We’d also like to see your itinerary, including any activities you have planned. We may ask about your accommodation, about your health generally and about your lifestyle. All your answers are confidential, and it’s important to be honest so that we can give you the best advice.

Can I get my travel shots on the same day as my travel health consultation?

We may be able to give you some of your travel vaccinations at your travel health appointment. But some vaccines for travellers’ illnesses need to be given in doses spaced several weeks apart. This is why we recommend you see a travel health adviser six to eight weeks before your trip abroad.

Where can I get antimalarials in Liverpool?

We can help you work out if you need to take antimalarial tablets ahead of your trip abroad. We can also advise on the right tablets for you. Some people get on better with different malaria drugs, so the travel health nurse might ask you some questions about your lifestyle and general health.

You can avoid exposure to malaria by protecting yourself from mosquito and insect bites, and your travel health nurse will advise you about this.

Why is NX Healthcare the best place to get your pre-travel check-up?

There are lots of good reasons to come to us if you need travel health advice and vaccines in Liverpool. You’ll have a consultation with a healthcare professional who dedicates themselves to travel health. They are passionate about continual professional development and their travel health advice is backed up by science, and their knowledge is up-to-date. NX Healthcare gives its advisers access to the best information so they’ll always advise you based on the latest health data about your destination. They’ve also got the skills and knowledge to help last-minute travellers plan a vaccination programme that will keep them as safe as possible.

Our travel clinics and vaccination centres in Liverpool are centrally-located and we can offer appointments for travel shots early and late in the day so there is no need to take time off work. For people with complex health needs, we can offer longer travel health appointments, too.

Book your travel health appointments online

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