Travel health advice in London

Need travel health advice and vaccinations for your upcoming trip abroad? NX Healthcare London travel clinics are here for you. Our conveniently located travel health centres can be found all around London. Use our online booking system to make a travel health appointment any time. We can offer travel health consultation appointments early and late to fit around your working day.

It’s easy to make a pre-travel health appointment in London

Booking an appointment for travel health advice or travel vaccinations at one of NX Healthcare’s London Travel Clinics couldn’t be easier. Choose the travel clinic nearest your home or workplace to see what appointments are available. Make one appointment per person travelling with you.

We recommend a travel health consultation six to eight weeks before you go

We’d like you to see our travel healthcare professionals six to eight weeks before your departure. This is because we need to administer multiple doses of some vaccines – for example, the Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine is given in two doses four weeks apart and for best protection, the course needs completing at least seven days before potential exposure to the virus that causes JE.

Services at our London travel health centre

The healthcare professionals at NX Healthcare travel clinics have many years of experience at helping travellers look after their health.

Travel health advice in London

We can tell you about avoiding mosquito and insect bites, sun safety, and how to reduce your chances of getting food poisoning.

Travel shots in London

We can provide travel vaccinations including:

  • chicken pox and shingles
  • cholera
  • diphtheria
  • hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • meningitis
  • MMR
  • polio
  • rabies
  • tetanus
  • tick-borne encephalitis
  • typhoid
  • yellow fever

We can also provide antimalarials and supporting advice.

Hajj and Umrah vaccines in London

Come to us for the vaccines and certificates you need for pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia. We can organise a proof of vaccination certificate that you need to get a visa for travel to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah.

Honeymoon travel health for Londoners

Talk to us about travel health on your honeymoon. We can help you plan your travel vaccines around the run-up to your wedding day and honeymoon departure.

Travel jabs for backpackers and adventure travellers

Off on the adventure of a lifetime? Don’t let hepatitis, malaria or meningitis ruin your gap year or adventure holiday. Talk to us about your planned activities and get travel health advice that will help you to enjoy a safe and healthy trip.

Health advice if you are travelling for work from London

We can provide advice to travellers who may be exposed to particular health risks by their occupation or business. Please bring to your appointment any information from your occupational health department, as this will help us to make the best recommendation.

Where can I get travel vaccines in London?

NX Healthcare travel clinics owns and runs health centres staffed by healthcare professionals who specialise in travel health. We have several conveniently located clinics in and around London where you can get advice and shots for your trip abroad.

You should get travel health advice six to eight weeks before you travel. But we can help you with same-day travel health appointments and we can provide travel jabs last minute on an accelerated schedule if you are travelling in an emergency or want to take a last-minute break.

Will I need any vaccine boosters for my holiday?

To find out whether you need any vaccines for your trip abroad, it’s best to get a consultation with a travel health nurse. They will ask you questions about your planned trip, including:

  • travel dates
  • destination
  • activities
  • accommodation

They will also have questions about your health generally and about your lifestyle. Using this information, they can work out what health risks you are likely to be exposed to and recommend vaccines and action steps you can take to protect your health and that of your loved ones.

Can I get malaria tablets in London?

NX Healthcare provides travellers from London with advice on malaria prevention. This includes a course of antimalarials and advice on when to start and stop taking your malaria tablets, supported by information about mosquito avoidance.

Why make your pre-travel health check appointment with NX Healthcare travel clinics?

If you need travel health advice and vaccinations in London, here’s why you should come to us:

A travel health consultation in London with a healthcare professional who specialises in travel health

NX Healthcare travel clinics’ health professionals have the skills and travel health knowledge to keep you safe on your trip abroad.

We can help with emergency travel jabs in London

Travelling last minute from London City Airport, Gatwick or Heathrow? At our London travel health clinics we can provide accelerated schedules for some vaccines that will protect you on your trip, and we can give advice on reducing your risk of exposure to the bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause some common traveller’s illnesses.

Confidential travel health consultations in London

Our travel health advice service is completely discreet, and you can depend on us to keep your data and information safe.

We offer travel health consultations in London early and late in the day

No need to miss work for your travel health consultations. All of NX Healthcare travel clinics’ London centres have appointment slots at the start and end of the working day to minimise disruption.

Longer travel health appointments in and around London

If you have complex health needs, or have a longer trip planned, we can offer a longer travel health appointment.

Book your travel health appointments online

It’s quick and easy to make an appointment for travel health and vaccines. Pick the clinic that is close to your home or work to get started.

Our travel health service is good value for money

Some GPs do offer travel health advice, but most travel shots are not available on the NHS, so you’ll have to pay for them. Our prices are competitive with other London travel health centres. Our travel health experts can also help you get travel vaccine boosters that can increase the length of protection, offering excellent value for frequent travellers.

How do I get more information about staying safe while travelling?

There is no replacement for a consultation with a travel health expert, like the nurses and pharmacists at our travel health clinics in London. But we have a comprehensive library of travel health articles that you can browse.

We recommend that all travellers going abroad check the country-specific travel advice issued by the Foreign Office.

We also recommend TravelHealthPro, which is a library of information from the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC). And the NHS has some information about travel vaccines.

Note that you may not be able to get travel vaccines for free on the NHS from your GP. Your GP may be able to give you written information about what vaccines and certificates are needed for your trip.