Where can I get a travel health appointment in Sheffield?

A travel health appointment is a must for anyone going abroad. NX Healthcare Sheffield travel clinics are conveniently located around Sheffield and we have plenty of appointments: check our online booking system to see what times are available. We can offer travel health consultation appointments early and late to fit around your working day.

Attend a travel health appointment six to eight weeks before you depart

See a travel health adviser at one of NX Healthcare’s Sheffield travel health centres six to eight weeks before you travel. This will ensure you have time to get all the doses of vaccines you need before your departure. For example, the rabies vaccine is given in three doses.

Can I get an emergency travel appointment in Sheffield?

We can help with last-minute travel: some vaccines can be given in an accelerated schedule, and we can give health advice to help you reduce the chances of exposure to pathogens and disease-causing organisms abroad.

Choose the Sheffield travel health clinic near your home or workplace to see what appointments are available.

Travel health services in Sheffield

We offer a full range of health services for business travellers and holidaymakers at our Sheffield clinic.

Travel vaccinations in Sheffield

Our travel health advisers can help you decide which travel shots you’ll need at your destination. We have a range of commonly needed vaccines in stock, including:

  • chicken pox and shingles
  • cholera
  • diphtheria
  • hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • meningitis
  • MMR
  • polio
  • rabies
  • tetanus
  • tick-borne encephalitis
  • typhoid
  • yellow fever

Malaria avoidance

Do you need malaria tablets? We can advise on which type of antimalaria pill is best for you and your expedition. We can also help you work out when to start and stop taking your antimalarial drugs. And we can give the latest advice from travel health experts on avoiding mosquito bites.

Health advice for travellers in Sheffield

Vaccines provide good protection from common traveller’s illnesses, but you’ll need to support that immune protection with some simple lifestyle choices. We can advise on food and water safety, altitude sickness, risks from sun and heat and the evidence-based methods for avoiding insect and mosquito bites.

Hajj and Umrah vaccines in Sheffield

Unsure about what vaccines and proof of vaccination certificates you need for Hajj or Umrah? Come to our Sheffield travel vaccination centre for the vaccines and certificate you need to meet the Saudi Arabia MoH visa requirements for pilgrims.

Travel health advice for adventure travellers and climbers

Set off on your adventure fully vaccinated against deadly meningitis and other traveller’s illnesses. We can also advise on malaria tablets, and give you the most up-to-date recommendations to help you avoid mosquito and insect bites.

Healthcare for business travellers from Sheffield

Some work abroad will expose you to particular health risks. Your occupational health department may have made some health recommendations, or we can help you better understand what you can do to mitigate the risks of visiting wet markets, farms or remote regions.

Honeymoon health

Don’t let ill-health ruin your special time away. We can provide health advice for all the popular honeymoon destinations, as well as some more unusual places! We can also help you plan your vaccines around the run-up to your big day. We have plenty of travel health appointments at our Sheffield clinic, so we’ll fit around your plans.

What travel vaccines do I need for my holiday?

At your travel health consultation, the travel health adviser will ask some questions about your holiday or business trip. They can assess your risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria that cause common traveller’s diseases like hepatitis A and B and give you advice on reducing that risk.

They can also recommend some travel vaccines that will support your immune system in fighting off those diseases when you can’t avoid exposure. They can provide boosters for some of the shots you’ll have had as part of the UK immunisation programme.

For some destinations and trips, and even for some visa applications, you may need a certificate proving that you have been vaccinated against polio, yellow fever or meningitis. We will do our best to give up-to-date advice about entry requirements for your destination, but to avoid delays on your holiday, it’s best to double check the border requirements for your trip in the country-specific travel advice issued by the Foreign Office. Your travel agent may also have information about this, and you can check the embassy for any country you are visiting for entry and visa requirements.

What should I bring to my travel health appointment?

Please bring your itinerary, details of any activities you have planned, information about your accommodation and any vaccine records or certificates that you already have.

Why make your pre-travel health check appointment with NX Healthcare travel clinics?

If you need travel health advice and vaccinations in Sheffield, here’s why you should come to us:

  • the travel health advisers at our Sheffield clinic specialise in travel health so their knowledge is completely up-to-date and they have years of experience at supporting travellers of all kinds.
  • your travel health appointment with NX Healthcare Sheffield is completely confidential.
  • we can offer travel health appointments at the start and the end of the day so there’s no need to miss work.
  • we can offer longer appointments for people planning longer, multi-destination trips and for people with complex health needs.
  • we keep our vaccine prices competitive with other Sheffield travel health clinics so you can be confident of getting best value for your travel health.
  • online booking system that is available 24/7

Ready to book your travel health appointment?

Pick the most convenient Sheffield travel health clinic to get started.

How do I get more information about staying safe while travelling?

To learn more about travel health, browse our comprehensive library of travel health articles.

All travellers should keep an eye on the Foreign Office’s travel advice while planning their trip.

The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) has a library of information for travellers at TravelHealthPro.

You can also learn about travel vaccinations from the NHS. Note that you may not be able to get travel vaccines for free on the NHS from your GP. Your GP may be able to give you written information about what vaccines and certificates are needed for your trip.