Hepatitis vaccine shortage

From time to time shortages of hepatitis A and B vaccines cause a surge in demand has puts pressure on clinics’ ability to provide hepatitis vaccination for travel.

But NX Healthcare has a resilient supply of hepatitis vaccines for travel. We will always endeavour to vaccinate you ahead of your trip abroad.

Which groups need a hepatitis vaccination for travel?

Experts recommend hepatitis A vaccination to travellers visiting areas with poor sanitation.

Travellers who are at particular risk of exposure to hepatitis B can get vaccinated against this virus. This group includes:

  • the sexual partners of people infected with hepatitis B
  • men who have sex with men
  • healthcare workers who are at risk from needlestick injuries
  • people who inject drugs.

Since August 2017 all babies born in the UK get vaccinated against hepatitis B in the six in one vaccine. The hep B vaccine is sometimes recommended to children going travelling as they may be exposed to the virus through cuts and grazes.

Does NX Travel Health Clinics have a supply of the hepatitis A and B vaccines?

At NX Travel Health Clinics your health is always the highest priority and we base our recommendations around your individual needs as a traveller. You can rely on us to have a supply of the hepatitis A and B vaccines for travel.

How can I avoid hepatitis A?

You should take normal precautions to avoid food-borne diseases, such as sticking to hot, freshly cooked food and not eating salads or raw foods. Drink only treated water or water from factory-sealed bottles. Ice in drinks should also be avoided, and remember to use safe water when brushing your teeth. Be vigilant about hand hygiene, particularly after using the lavatory.

How can I avoid hepatitis B?

The following activities could expose you to hepatitis B, so you should make every effort to avoid them:

  • unprotected sex
  • medical or dental procedures in regions where there is a high incidence of hepatitis B, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, east and South East Asia and the Pacific Islands
  • cosmetic or wellbeing procedures such as tattooing, piercing and acupuncture if performed in unhygienic conditions
  • intravenous drug use, particularly with shared needles
What should I do if I have been exposed to hepatitis B?

See a doctor immediately if you get exposed to hep B. There is as post-exposure vaccine for hepatitis B.

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